Stairs Installation

How We Execute Stair Installation

Staircase installation may sound like a big to-do at first, but we will take every measure necessary to make this a hassle-free and seamless process for you. What we’ve found over 30+ years in business is that installation goes smoothest when preliminary measurements are precise and other preparation work is carried out swiftly.

If everything is ready to go when it arrives at your property on installation day, then there’s a good chance we’ll be done with installation in just a few days and with barely any disturbance to you.

Our stair installation experts have no problem working in tight spaces, and they’ll also work outside to construct a fantastic exterior staircase for you. If you have any questions while the installation process is going on, we will be happy to answer these; we’ll explain our process too and keep you updated along the way. Our technicians are not only great at installing stairs—they are also personable and friendly, so you’ll enjoy having them around during the installation process.

Installing Custom Stairs & Railings

If you’ve decided to get custom stairs built by us, then installation is going to be a great day for you. It’s at this point when your dream stairs are going to become a reality. You’ll watch the space transform before your eyes, and when we are done you’ll be looking at a true masterpiece. If you want railings to accommodate your stairs, and this arrangement is standard, then we’ll install these after the stairs have been set up.

Have your own railings that you want us to install for you? We can accommodate this request, though we advise getting our railings if you’re going to get stairs from us—keeping things consistent, you know? But if you do want to use other railings, just let us know ahead of time so we’re prepared for a railing installation after we complete the stair installation. Your stairs will be ready for use immediately when we’re finished.

Installing Pre-Made Stairs

If you’re passing on full customization because you want to save some money, we can install effective pre-made stairs as well. Our installers are backed by leading pre-made stairs manufacturers, including Q Railings, House of Forgings, Ideal Stair Parts, Staircrafter’s, Direct Stairs Parts, Oak Pointe, and Carolina Stair Supply.

We will make sure that the stairs meet your requirements before you purchase them, as this way you won’t have to face any unpleasant surprises on installation day. If adjustments have to be made during the installation, we can make these swiftly so installation does not get hung up.

Fulfilling Special Installation Requirements

We can also accommodate you if you have special installation instructions. Perhaps you don’t want us working during a certain time of day, or maybe you want us to refrain from accessing certain parts of your home or business.

We’ll always meet our clients’ requests, and this is because we want to make every experience wonderful. Generally speaking, our stair installation process is minimally intrusive, and we’ll always strive to be thoughtful guests while working on your property.